Spotlight Interview with Stephanie


I had the opportunity to meet Stephanie at the Xehar Fashion Fairies Conference this past weekend, Jan. 18-21. She lit up the room with her smile and her heart was so big! You’ll find that she has a genuine personality as you read her interview below.


Tell us where you grew up? (childhood, family..)

Long Island NY the youngest and only girl of 3, with 2 older brothers.

Have you experienced bullying? If so, explain.

I feel I experienced bullying in a non typical way. No one made fun of me in the halls or sent me hate (thank god) but I learned how to feel about myself and my body by the language others used around me and to me. I learned that I was bigger than them and their words after all.

How important is a sense of humor in hard times?

I think a laugh can change your whole day and we all need that.



What’s your favorite “Sexy Outfit” to wear?

I love lingerie. I’ve always looked up to classic pinups and I feel the most like myself in glamorous look.

What’s the best advice for self-care?

It’s important to not feel guilty for doing what is best for you in the moment no matter if others may not fully understand. You don’t always have to make sense.  

What are you up to currently?

I am currently modeling, acting and doing social media full time! I am so excited to be doing what makes me happiest!



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Stephanie is wearing original Xehar Curvy pieces in all pictures featured in this blog.